- defects or damage resulting from abusive use or negligence, or from accidents;

- defects or damage resulting from improper use (such as, but not limited to, impacts, blows, crushing), tampering, manipulation, disassembly, unauthorized modifications or repairs, as well as maintenance services, interventions and repairs carried out by laboratories or non-authorised resellers authorized, or caused by the use of components and/or accessories other than those recommended by ADUNA;

- jewelery whose originally imprinted ADUNA identification mark has been removed or is not clearly legible;

- routine cleaning and maintenance, fading of any finishes, as well as the consequences of normal wear and natural aging of the jewel.

- the oxidation of silver is not considered a defect but a typical characteristic of this material as it is a process that tends to occur by its nature.

- the natural variations in colour, veins, streaks and inclusions of the semi-precious stones that ADUNA carefully selects and uses are considered added values ​​because they are qualities inherent in the gems and not defects or imperfections.

ADUNA jewels are made with the best quality 925 silver available on the market and nickel free , in fact they comply with the technical standard UNI EN1811:2011.
Nickel is a natural element present in all metal alloys, based on the standards regulated by European regulations, this element is present in our jewels, in a minimum percentage and within the limits acceptable by law, therefore correctly called nickel free .
However, it could happen that some individuals show hypersensitivity to this material and have an allergic reaction.
Even burnishing - the treatment used to darken the jewel and give it an antique and worn effect - could, in some predisposed individuals, cause allergy or discomfort.