ADUNA was born from the idea of ​​the young Milanese designer Giada Morelli, who after several years of work experience in the jewelry sector, decided to give life to her jewelry brand .
The word " aduna " derives from the courtly term " adunare ", which writers and poets used to express the concept of " gathering ", uniting art, people and different ideas in a single thought, with the aim of obtaining a unified result.
Like the universe of words, the world of jewelery is constantly evolving.
Within this constant change each of us finally finds ourselves free to express ourselves, without moral or social constraints.
ADUNA wants to be the object that embodies this thought, the always-worn memento that reminds us that there are no limits to expression.
A design, strong, decisive but elegant: a jewel in 925 Silver that tells ideas, emotions, stories.

"The beautiful, the precious, the natural: an indissoluble bond that distinguishes all my jewels."