The Botanical collection is ADUNA's debut collection.
Entirely inspired by the beauty of wild, uncontaminated nature , its ability to give life, create wonders without the intervention of man.
Each flower and plant chosen has a very specific meaning, its own identity, which nature manages to express through its colors and shapes.
Mother Nature creates amazement and wonder even when we don't immediately understand the meaning of what is shown to us.
A riot of tulips, peonies, roses, laurel plants and brambles are accompanied by semi-precious natural stones , the undisputed protagonists of the collection.
Peridot, citrine, amethyst, onyx, garnet and sky topaz : six luminous wonders wearing the primary colors found in nature.
The Botanical collection transforms what nature gives us into jewels: it is a masterpiece to wear.
The snake is the totem animal of the collection and was chosen because it represents change, the ability to renew and reinvent ourselves into what we desire without feeling obliged to be what society imposes on us.
Free to become someone else by being able to change your skin.